Sometimes also known as “Baby Botox”, MicroTox is a non-invasive treatment that combines the skin tightening effects of Botox with a specialized injection pattern and smaller doses. Fine lines are suppressed with the MicroTox. The treatment uses tiny needles to deliver the neuromodulator solution to the level of the sweat and oil glands just below the skin’s surface.

MicroTox is a method in which many small doses of Botox are placed under the skin rather than into the muscles. This method can enhance skin quality, reduce pore size, fine lines, redness, and oil production. It can also be done on the neck to produce a defined and detailed profile.

MicroTox offers skin tightening treatments, which means clients can see the results of their Botox injections within a week.

Benefits of the procedure include:

·         Nefertiti neck lift

·         Improves cheek “creepiness”

·         Decreases pore size

·         Help reduce facial flushing and sweating

·         Tighten skin on neck and décolletage


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