Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty, sometimes also known as liquid Rhinoplasty, has become an increasingly popular choice for women and men who are looking to improve the contour and shape of their noses. The procedure consists of injecting dermal filler, Hyaluronic acid in most cases, underneath your skin to temporarily change the structure of your nose in the areas where you wish to create smoother lines or volume.

The nose reshaping procedure is a very popular choice for those who want to improve their most prominent facial feature. It can alter the balance and proportions of your whole face, giving a dramatic improvement to how you look and feel.

How does non-surgical rhinoplasty work?

Non-surgical nose jobs involve no scalpels and you may have a topical anesthetic applied to your nose and the surrounding area so you won’t feel pain from the needle.

Using dermal fillers, the doctor carefully adds volume to reshape the nose, filling out deep contours to present a straighter and smoother nose profile.

The whole process takes 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending upon the procedure requirements.

A nonsurgical Rhinoplasty targets the tip & bridge of the nose.

This procedure works well if you want to:

·         Smooth out small bumps in your nose

·         Make the tip of your nose more prominent

·         Add volume to your nose

·         Lift the tip of your nose

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