PLLA Fillers is a longer-lasting more gradual form of dermal filler that works by replenishing your own facial collagen which restores volume in the face that has been lost over time.

 Collagen is the protein your body produces to give your skin a firm and youthful appearance, but from an early age (35 years) the amount you produce slows down and facial volume is lost. PLLA Fillers can replace the balance by stimulating collagen production again.

 This treatment can be used to subtly smooth out lines, wrinkles, and folds as well as tackle the loss of facial volume which can happen with the natural aging process.

 PLLA Fillers can be used to treat:

·         Deeper wrinkles, lines, or folds

·         Hollow areas cheeks, temples

·         Cheekbones – to add definition

·         Jowls – to lift up saggy jowls

 PLLA Fillers Procedure

PLLA Fillers are injected with a blunt needle called a cannula to avoid bruising or damaging vessels.

 To start, a course of treatments is required and the number of treatments required will depend on age and skin condition. Directly after treatment, the fullness is visible due to the initial swelling and water content of the product, therefore, you will see a reduction in a couple of days. Collagen stimulation is a slow and gradual process so the first real results can be noticed four to six weeks after the first treatment. Please note that in some patients a difference may not be noticeable for more than 6 weeks. Results of PLLA Fillers are long-lasting but need maintenance.

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